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Printer Price in Nepal

Having a good printer at home or office really saves your time. Printers are getting more fame and popularity nowadays because no one wants to visit or stand in a queue at shop. Sometimes you might lose any sensitive data from these unknown or untrusted  shops. That’s why printers are becoming more essential items for home and office uses. This post has listed the best printer in Nepal. You can choose any color or black and white in Nepal.

There are many different brands  available in Nepal.   People prefer a budget-friendly printer, which is durable and solves our task in a more efficient way. You can make a choice of these without any difficulty with your work. We suggest you go with EPSON, Canon, Bother and HP.

Before Buying You must know about configuration terms like:

  • Printer Speed: PPM or CPM stands Maximum possible “pages/Copies per minute” can print, whereas IPM stands ”images per minute”
  • DPI (dots per inch), 150 – 300 DPI is recommended. The number of dots can be placed in a line across one square inch area of the paper.
  • Memory: RAM or Memory require for storing temporary files transmitted by the host computer. For black and white printing it usually recommends having 32-64 MB and for laser 128 MB RAM is best suitable.
  • Processor type and Frequency
  • Operating System Compatible like compatible for Windows 10,8,7, Linux, Mac or not.
  • Paper input or Sheet Input Tray
  • Duty cycle per month
  • Duplex means Printing on both sides of the paper
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Control panel screen

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the difference between inkjet and laser jet?

An inkjet printer uses ink in liquid form, be it through a cartridge or a tak, while a laserjet printer uses an ink toner which has colors in powdered form. Inkjet printers are usually slower and less reliable, while laserjet printers are faster and more reliable.

2. What are the factors to consider before buying a printer?

First of all, you need to consider whether you want to buy a black and white or a color. More often than not, we end up printing text documents, and a black-and-white printer is enough for those needs. For those rare cases where you want to print color documents, you can get them printer from a nearby shop. If you really need to print color documents consistently, you can buy a color printer. If you want to use your printer at home or home/small office, it is advised that you buy an inkjet printer. If you plan to use your printer in medium or large office, get a laser printer. Also consider whether you want to scan documents. In this day and age, it is a necessity most of the times. If you want a document scanner as well, get a multifunction printer, which can scan and fax documents as well.

3. What are the best printer models in nepal which are available online?

Some of the best models in nepal that are available for purchase online, as of December 2018, include Brother HL-L2321D, Canon Pixma G1000, Canon Pixma G2000, Epson L220, Epson L455, HP LaserJet M1005 MFP, and the HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3835. There are various other good one, but you should choose according to your needs and budget.

4. What is the average printing cost ?

An average black-and-white document on an A4 paper size costs upwards of 16 paisa, while color documents cost upwards of 50 paisa. However, this price differs from printer to printer and brand to brand. It also depends on the cartridge capacity and price.

5. How much would it cost to replace a cartridge?

cartridges cost anywhere between Rs 400 to Rs 12,000, depending on the brand, cartridge size and printing capacity of the cartridge. Generally, the inkjet most people use have their cartridge prices between Rs 1,000 to Rs 3,000. Ink tank inks cost much cheaper in comparison. Laser toners cost upwards of Rs 15,000 for black color and upwards of Rs 8,000 for color toners.

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