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Buy Dell Laptops in Nepal
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Best Dell Laptops Price in Nepal
At IT Shop Nepal you will get the best deal with affordable price. As per your requirement for Business, Gaming and Home use, Basic General use . IT Shop Nepal is one of the best online store to buy dell Laptop in Kathmandu Nepal. We bring laptops from Distributor and We are Authorized Re-seller of Dell .There are various model that comes with Dell some  of are

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Here are the main components of Laptops in Nepal to keep an eye on before buying .

Price and Warranty
Research for the Price of Dell Laptop in Kathmandu  Market and Do not Forget to ask for the VAT BILL which will be asked before calming the Warranty in authorized center. otherwise as a result warranty will get void and Will be hard to Clam.

The “brains” of your laptops, the processor has a huge influence on performance, but depending on what you want to do, even the least-expensive model may be good enough. Here’s a rundown.

Intel Core i5:
If you’re looking to buy laptops with the best combination of price and performance, get one with an Intel Core i5 CPU. Models that end in U (ex: Core i5-7200U) are the most common.  Those with the a Y in the name are low power and have worse performance while models with an HQ offer four cores. Intel’s latest-generation, “Kaby Lake” CPUs have model numbers that begin with 7 (ex: Core i5-7300U) so look for those to get the best performance.

Intel Core i7:
High-end performance for gaming rigs and workstations. Models with numbers that end in HQ or K use higher wattage and have four cores, allowing for even faster gaming and productivity. There are also Core i7 Y series chips that have lower power and performance. To buy Laptops with i7 sereies, Keep an eye out for CPUs that have a 7 in the model number (ex: Core i7-7820HQ) because they are part of Intel’s latest, 7th Generation Core Series, and offer better performance.

Intel Core i3:
Performance is just a step below Core i5 and so is the price. If you can possibly step up to a Core i5, we recommend it. If you have low budget to buy laptop, Intel Core i3 is the choice.

Intel Atom:
Found on very low-cost laptops  under  Atom offers basic performance but more battery life than Celeron /Pentium.

Intel Core m / Core i5 / i7 “Y Series” 
Low-power and low heat allow systems with these processors to go fanless. Performance is better than Celeron, but a notch below regular Core i5 U series.

Intel Xeon
Extremely powerful and expensive processors for large mobile workstations. If you do professional-grade engineering, 3D modeling or video editing, you might want a Xeon, but you won’t get good battery life or a light laptop.

Now Days at least 4GB is required on even a budget system and 8GB if you can spend just a little more. For most users, 16GB or more is overkill.

Storage Drive (aka Hard Drive):

Get a laptop with a solid state drive (SSD) rather than a hard drive, because you’ll see at least three times the speed and a much faster laptop overall. Among SSDs, the newer PCIe x4 (aka NVME) units offer triple the speed of traditional SATA drives.

The more pixels you have, the more content you can fit on-screen, and the sharper it will look.  We recommend  panel that runs at 1920 x 1080, also known as full HD or 1080p. Verify that Before buying Laptops in Nepal

Touch Screen:
If you’re buying a regular clam shell Laptops in Nepal, rather than a 2-in-1, you won’t get much benefit from a touch screen and you will get 1 to 3 hours less battery life. On 2-in-1s, touch screens come standard.

Graphics Chip
If you’re not playing PC games, creating 3D objects or doing high-res video editing, an integrated graphics chip (one that shares system memory) will be fine. If you have any of the above needs, though, a discrete graphics processor from AMD or Nvidia is essential. As with CPUs, there are both high- and low-end graphics chips. Nvidia maintains a list of its graphics chips from low to high end, as does AMD. Laptops in Nepal Normally donot include in cheap price