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Laptop Price in Nepal – Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, MSI, Apple, Macbook Pro

Laptop Price in Nepal, is best place to find your Laptop. The leap in technology has now brought us smartphones with up to 10GB of RAM; however, even with the top of the line specifications, mobile phones fail to replace the need for a laptop. For day-to-day work, be it official or personal, we need a good laptop. Nepal enjoys the presence of several laptop brands such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Microsoft Surface, and Apple. Available under varied price range, there is a laptop to fit every requirement such as RAM capacity, Processor, Storage, Display size and resolution, GPU, and more. For every specific need, there is a fitting option. We have accumulated a price list including top laptops available in Nepal. Our extensive price list allows you to choose the best laptop as per your requirements.

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Here are the main components of Specification Laptops Price in Nepal to keep an eye on before buying .

  • Brand:

    Laptops in Nepal Brands Available In Kathmandu Nepal Market are :

  • DELL Laptop
  • HP Laptop
  • Asus Laptop
  • APPLE Laptop
  • LENOVO Laptop
  • ACER Laptop
  • MSI Laptop
  • Microsoft Laptop
    • Most of all Choose Best Brand or Design before buying it.

  • Price and Warranty

    First Research for the Price of Laptop in Kathmandu  Nepal  Market and however most importantly Do not Forget to ask for the VAT BILL which will be asked before calming the Warranty in authorized center. otherwise as a result warranty will get void as it will be hard to Claim.

  • CPU:

    The “brains” of your laptops, the processor has a huge influence on performance, but depending on what you want to do, even the least-expensive model may be good enough. Here’s a rundown.

    • Intel Core i5:

      If you’re looking to buy laptops with the best combination of price and performance, get one with an Intel Core i5 CPU. Models that end in U (ex: Core i5-7200U) are the most common. however Those with the a Y in the name are low power and have worse performance while models with an HQ offer four cores. Intel’s latest-generation, “Kaby Lake” CPUs have model numbers that begin with 7 (ex: Core i5-7300U) so look for those to get the best performance.

    • Intel Core i7:

      High-end performance for gaming rigs and workstations. Models with numbers that end in HQ or K use higher wattage and have four cores, allowing for even faster gaming and productivity. There are also Core i7 Y series chips that have lower power and performance. To buy Laptops with i7 sereies, Keep an eye out for CPUs that have a 7 in the model number (ex: Core i7-7820HQ) because they are part of Intel’s latest, 7th Generation Core Series, and offer better performance.

    • Intel Core i3:

      Performance is just a step below Core i5 and so is the price. If you can possibly step up to a Core i5, we recommend it. If you have low budget to buy laptop, Intel Core i3 is the choice.

    • Intel Atom:

      Found on very low-cost laptops  under  Atom offers basic performance but more battery life than Celeron /Pentium.

    • Intel Core m / Core i5 / i7 “Y Series” 

      Low-power and low heat allow systems with these processors to go fanless. Performance is better than Celeron, but a notch below regular Core i5 U series.

    • Intel Xeon

      Extremely powerful and expensive processors for large mobile workstations. If you do professional-grade engineering, 3D modeling or video editing, you might want a Xeon, but you won’t get good battery life or a light laptop.

  • RAM:

    Now Days at least 4GB is required on even a budget system and 8GB if you can spend just a little more. For most users, 16GB or more is overkill.

  • Storage Drive (aka Hard Drive):

    Get a laptop with a solid state drive (SSD) rather than a hard drive, because you’ll see at least three times the speed and a much faster laptop overall. Among SSDs, the newer PCIe x4 (aka NVME) units offer triple the speed of traditional SATA drives.

  • Display:

    The more pixels you have, the more content you can fit on-screen, and the sharper it will look.  We recommend  panel that runs at 1920 x 1080, also known as full HD or 1080p. Verify that Before buying Laptops in Nepal

  • Touch Screen:

    If you’re buying a regular clam shell Laptops in Nepal, rather than a 2-in-1, you won’t get much benefit from a touch screen and you will get 1 to 3 hours less battery life. On 2-in-1s, touch screens come standard.

  • Graphics Chip

    If you’re not playing PC games, creating 3D objects or doing high-res video editing, an integrated graphics chip (one that shares system memory) will be fine. If you have any of the above needs, though, a discrete graphics processor from AMD or Nvidia is essential. As with CPUs, there are both high- and low-end graphics chips. Nvidia maintains a list of its graphics chips from low to high end, as does AMD. Laptops in Nepal Normally donot include in cheap price.

Think to look before you Buy or Shop Laptop.

IT Shop Nepal can help you decide on the laptop most suitable for your requirements. Buying a laptop isn’t an easy task these days, what with the multitude of brands, offerings, and configurations available in the market today. However, with the Gadgets 360 laptop finder tool and massive database of notebooks, you can select multiple filters to be able to find the most appropriate laptop for your needs, and eliminate all those thousands of models that aren’t ideal for you.

The biggest advantage of the ITShop Nepal is that you can use numerous filters at once, such as category of laptop, manufacturer, screen size and resolution, processor models, the amount of RAM, the type of storage, dedicated graphics processors, operating system, and even weight, to be able to narrow down your choices. Multiple filter options within each can be selected at once, as can multiple filters, to better help you find the laptop you’re looking for.

Price: The most important part of any laptop buying decisions, you can use the price slider to set the price range within which you want to find laptop options. Alternatively, you can type the start and end price.

Brand: The biggest laptop brands are listed here, and you can select one or multiple brands to further filter your searches. These include Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, and Apple. There are 41 brands in total to choose from.

Screen Size: This is another very important aspect of a laptop. How large a screen is dictates not just much visual real estate you get, but also in many ways, dictates the size of the entire laptop, as well as its weight.

Screen Resolution: When coupled with screen size, screen resolution is another very important factor. For example, the difference between a 14-inch display with a HD resolution, a full-HD resolution, and an Ultra HD resolution is very apparent. In most usage scenarios however, full-HD is more than good enough, unless you are an artist, a graphics designer, or a gamer. You can choose between HD, full-HD, and Ultra HD.

Processor Brand: Another important aspect of a laptop is the processor brand – is it powered by an Intel processor, or an AMD processor? There are some options with Qualcomm and MediaTek processors as well that you can choose from.

Processors: This filter lets you choose which processor family you want search results for. Examples include Intel Core i5, AMD APU Quad Core, and more. There are dozens of options to choose from.

Intel Processor Generation: Intel updates its processors significantly each year, and thus, each generation as they are known provide different benefits. Know which Intel processor generation you’re interested in? You can use this filter.

Processor Clock Speed (Base): The base clock speed of a laptop’s processor dictates the minimum frequency a CPU runs at. The higher the better.

Processor Clock Speed (Burst/ Turbo): Unlike the base clock speed, Burst or Turbo clock speeds dictate the maximum frequency the CPU can achieve. The higher the better.

RAM: Coupled with the processor, the amount of RAM a laptop has dictates how well it performs. The more RAM the better. With this filter, you can select how much RAM you want you laptop to have, from 2GB and below all the way up to 64GB. The higher the better.

RAM Type: Here, you can filter the type of RAM you want your laptop to have. The rule of thumb is, the higher the last digit, the faster the RAM, because the last digit dictates the RAM generation. The LP in the front of LPDDR4x and LPDDR3 stands for ‘low power’, which is great for battery life, but not so great for performance, thus, you should keep that in mind when searching. The same is the case for DDR3L, where the L stands for ‘low voltage’.

Expandable RAM: With this filter, you can search for laptops that offer expandable RAM options – this means, you can ask the manufacturer to add more RAM after you buy the machine, as there are extra RAM slots available on the machine. You can filter from 4GB and below additional RAM, up to 128GB and above RAM.

Storage Type: Laptops come with several types of storage media. These range from HDD (hard disk drive) to SSD (solid state drive). SSDs are the fastest and most reliable, whereas HDDs are comparatively slower and less reliable. SSHD and HHD are hybrid drives, where the laptop will a small part of the total storage space on an SSD, and the rest on an HDD. These provide the best middle ground.

HDD Storage: Here, you can choose how much HDD storage you want. Storage capacities in our database of laptops range from 64GB and below all the way up to 2TB.

SSD Storage: As with HDD storage, you can choose how much SSD storage you want in your laptop. This ranges from 32GB and below, all the way up to 2TB.

Dedicated Graphics: Laptops come with two types of graphics options – integrated or dedicated. Dedicated graphics usually implies better graphics performance, which is great for gaming or such computationally intensive tasks as video editing.

Dedicated Graphics Memory Type: Here, you can choose the type of dedicated graphics memory you want your laptop to have. The rule of thumb here, is the same as the RAM Type – the higher the last digit, the better the performance.

Dedicated Graphics Memory: As with RAM, the amount of graphics memory a laptop has dictates how well it performs. The higher the better.

Graphics Processor Brand: GPUs are primarily made by three companies – AMD, Intel, and Nvidia. You can choose which brand’s GPU you want in your laptop, and as with other filters, multiple options can be selected at once.

Operating System: With this filter, you can find what operating system (OS) comes preloaded in the laptop you’re looking for. We’ve 18 options you can select from.

Battery Life: Another very important aspect of a laptop is its battery life. Here you can select from multiple battery life options, from below 3 hours all the way up to above 10 hours. Note, that these figures are provided by the manufacturer based on ideal usage conditions, and in real world conditions the battery life you will get will always be lower.

Weight: Do you plan to carry your laptop around daily? Or will it just sit on your desk at home permanently? If it’s the former, you’ll want a lightweight offering, and if it’s the latter, weight doesn’t really matter. With this filter, you can choose the weight you want your laptop to have, from 1kg and below, to 4kg and above.

Number of USB Ports: Finally, a very important aspect of laptops is how many USB ports they have, because that dictates how many external devices (such as a keyboard, mouse, external hard drive) you can connect at once.

More Features: Do you want Bluetooth connectivity on your laptop? What about NFC? Is a backlit keyboard important to you? Here’s where you can choose from 18 additional options beyond the major filters. These are HDMI, standard keyboard, keyboard with numeric keypad, fingerprint sensor, face recognition, lock slot, card slot, VGA port, touchscreen functionality, headphone and mic combo jack, mic-in port, and an optical disk drive.

Market Status: With this filter, you can check whether the laptop you’re searching for is currently available in stores, if it is out of stock, or if it’s an upcoming (not yet launched) laptop.

Type: Here, you can choose between what type of laptop you want – a regular laptop or a gaming laptop.

Category of Laptop: What do you need the laptop for? Daily use for Web browsing and word processing, or something more intensive, like gaming or video editing? Choose the desired laptop category (as defined by manufacturers) to help find the perfect laptop for yourself.

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