HP BIG PIN 19.5V-3.33A

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Input Voltage: AC100-240V
Output: 19.5V 3.33A 65W
Pin: 7.4 × 5.0mm
6 Months Warranty

*Adapter only. (Power Cable Sold Separately)

Compatible Model:

Compaq Presario
CQ35 CQ40 CQ41 CQ42 CQ43 CQ45 CQ50 CQ56 CQ57 CQ58 CQ60 CQ61 CQ62 CQ62z CQ70 CQ71 NC4000 NC4200 NC6000 NC6120 NC6220 NC6230 NC6320 NC6400 NC8000 NX6110 NX6115 NX6125 NX6310 NX6320 NX6325 NX7000 NX7400 TC4200 TC4400

1020 1030 1040 2140 2170P 2210P 2230S 2510P 2530P 2540P 2560P 2570P 2710P 2730P 2740P 2760P 425 4510S 5330M 6360B 650 6530S 6535S 6560B 6720T 6730B 6730S 720 725 740 745 750 810 8300 840 8440P 8460P 8470P 8470W 850 8560P 8570P 9470M 9480 E2540P E2740P

DV4 DV4-5000, DV4-5200, DV4T-5200, DV4T-5300, DV6 DV6-7000, DV6T-7200 DV6T-7300 DV6Z-7200, DV7 DV7-7000 DV7T-7200 DV7T-7200 DV7T-7300, M4 M4-1000, M6 M6-1000 M6T-1000

G4 G4-1000 G4-2000 G4T-1000, G42 G42-200 G42-300 G42-400 G42T-200 G42T-300 G42T-400, G56 G56-100, G60 G60-100, G6 G6-1000 G6-1B00 G6-1C00 G6-1D00 G6-2000 G6T-1A00 G6T-1B00 G6T-1C00 G6T-1D00 G6Z-1C00 G6Z-1D00 G6Z-2000, G61 G61-300 G62 G62-100 G62M-300 G62T-100 G62T-200 G62T-300 G61X-400 HP PAVILION G7 G7-1000 G7-2000 G7T-1000 G7Z-2000 , G70 G70-200 G71 G71T-400 G72 G72-200 G72T-200 G72T-B00

DM1 DM1-3000 DM1-4000 DM1Z-3000 DM1Z-4000, DM3 DM3-3000 DM3T-3000, DM4 DM4-1000 DM4-2000 DM4-3000 DM4T-1000 DM4T-2000 DM4T-3000, DV3 DV3-1000, DV4 DV4-1000 DV4-2000 DV4-4000 DV4-5000 DV4T-1500 DV4T-4000 DV4T-5000 DV5 DV5-1000 DV5-2000 DV5T-2000, DV6 DV6-1000 DV6-3000 DV6-6000 DV6-7000 DV6T-1000 DV6T-3000 DV6T-6B00 DV6T-6C00 DV6T-7000 DV6Z-2000 DV6Z-3000 DV6Z-7000, DV7 DV7-3000 DV7-4000 DV7-6000 DV7-7000 DV7T-2000 DV7T-4000 DV7T6000 DV7T-6B00 DV7T-6C00 DV7T-7000 HP Z420 ZBOOK 14 15 15U 17


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